Open-Source Solutions

We are constantly focused on providing new and innovative solutions to the open-source community.

Here is the list of some of the projects and solutions developed over the time with the aim to be open and available to every developer.

Active Projects

Deveel Webhooks

Developing a *aaS (*-as-a-Service) project on .NET, it emerged the need to provide users of the service the capability to subscribe to notifications of events (webhooks), letting their listening systems to react accordingly. As it came out from some researches, no tooling for .NET was provided by the market or the open-source community for such scope: some solutions were retired (eg. Microsoft’s WebHook Framework), some others requested the adoption of an entire framework and methodology, beyond the intentions.

For such reasons, we decided to develop, and eventually release as open-source, the Deveel Webhooks framework, aiming to provide the community with a .NET tool for the management and delivery of webhooks.

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Archived or Unmaintained Projects


Originally named Minosse RDBMS, this was the very first SQL RDBMS created for the .NET framework, ath at the time of its creation was just at beta stage. Consequently to the creation of Deveel, the project was renamed to follow the name of the company. Along the time the project evolved alongside the .NET and Mono frameworks, pursuing the ambition to be portable among different operating systems and environments, focused on high performances and small footprint

Note: The project is currently archived

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Experimenting with the new concepts of distributed computing and storage, Antonello developed a database system with a hybrid data-model, leveraging the sharding capabilities of networks.

In fact three different models were developed on top of the network engine: a Key/Value store model (CloudBase), a new-SQL relational model (CloudSQL) and a graph-db model (CloudGraph).

The project had short life, given its ahead of time nature and lack of resources to continue it.

Note: This project is currently archived

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Deveel Math

This library was developed to address the poor capabilities of the .NET Framework to support Astronomical Math (mathematics with more than 1 million decimals), given the need of such capability in data management projects, such as DeveelDB and CloudB.

Not an original work, since it was a port to .NET of the Apache Harmony{ target:blank} Math space.

Note: The project is currently unmaintained

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